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Wk9-Art Experience-Art Care Package

I decided to do my very own Art Care Package to my best friend that currently lives in San Francisco. We spent all summer together and I’ll be great to make her happy the way she makes me feel happy.

In my care package we have:

  1. A painting we made together filled with cherries
  2. A seashell from the beach
  3. A fake light up ice cube from Disneyland
  4. Uber Card
  5. A puzzle of Mickey and Minnie

An Art Care Package can be very similar to snap chat in a way because you’re sending a sentimental value of a picture or a piece of art to someone. Now it can be current or even years ago for snapchat and there it shows similar qualities to a care package. In a care package I did spend more time looking for memories or objects that took me back from the good times we spent together and organized it to make it seem more pleasant for the eye. Everyone loves presents so getting this will seem like a present vs. a snap will be less surprised.

Ephemera is something I find very pleasent because in my opinion I believe you cherish something more with a short limited time. It drives a deeper connection and different emotions that some other types of arts can’t convey.

In regards to my care package, I placed an art piece we made together at the park. It is filled with cherries, that is poorly drawn I may add, and some glitter. It was late at night and we were just killing time. The seashell represents our time at the beach, this is how we started our summer together and it was pretty foggy the first time we went, yet we made it work. The fake ice cube is from Disneyland and made reservations for the fancy restaurant inside the Caribbean ride, it was quite expensive, but worth it. The Uber card represents our adventures together using uber. Finally, the puzzle piece is what we worked on together throughout our summer. Spent countless of hours trying to complete it in Starbucks. It was quite stressful and relaxing in the same time.

Now my bestie lives in San Francisco and I just wanted to give this to her because I want to show her my appreciation of her. She made my summer amazing and I hope to see her soon.




Wk8-Sketching at the Japanese Garden

I have to say the most type of art I’ve done in my life is sketching. I personally love sketching nature and more specifically the beach. The beach is my safe heaven for sure and even sketching there is the best part. The Japanese Garden sketches reminded me of the sketches I did at the beach. Sketching at the Garden just gave it a peaceful vibe that just makes you feel calm in every way. The ducks and the pond with some waterfalls just makes me want to sleep there forever. The sketches I did focused on the waterfall, pond and trees.The trees definitely caught my attention and did my 5 min drawing on it. I did a couple of drawings and I think I’ll continue to do sketches on my spare time. I enjoyed this activity with this environment and eventually ill take a girl there to this beautiful place that our very own created and worked really hard on to preserve it. Cheers!

Wk8-Classmate Convo-Andrew Nguyen


In a land far far away, creates an environment where peace and quietness come together as one to form something beautiful. Creating our very own Japanese Garden, a place where people can have a nice and decent conversation. On week 8, we had a classmate conversation and I had mine with Andrew Nguyen. Andrew was walking by like a lone wolf calling out if someone needed a classmate. Luckily enough I was available. Andrew is currently a fourth year as a health science major. He is pursuing a masters in  physician assistant studies after undergrad. Andrew enjoys to travel many places to try new types of food. He’s a “big foodie” as he’s saying it proudly. Other than eating and trying new foods, he enjoys a good hike. Regardless of how difficult the trail may be, it won’t discourage him to back down from such tasks. In order to achieve many goals, you need to push through.


A piece of art of any medium Andrew would love to share is photography. He likes to occasionally take pictures of his activities and his food that he loves so much. He manages to capture major events in his life with photography and claims he’ll continue to do so. Andrew says he’ll definitely be supportive if his children want to pursue art. As long as whatever his children make them happy, he’s happy. Doing what you love is the point of living. When we compared our apps we discovered we had Snapchat, Instagram, Maps, and Email in common. I enjoy doing classmate conversations, especially if they are in the same Field as me. To top it off the environment was pretty amazing.


Week6-Art Activity-Flip Book

When I was child, I was really into making flip books. I was mostly influenced by the books called Captain Underpants. Toward the end, it had a little cartoon showing the Captain’s fighting moves. I always made a flip book about violence, maybe it had to do with the games I was playing. Either guns with massive amounts of blood or getting hit by a car etc. Moving away fro the violence, I decided to create a flip book about Archery. It was simple, it’s an arrow being pulled back and into a target. I enjoy making flip books and I have to say flip books is one of those arts that I did the most. It’s the beginnings of animation, what’s not to like.



Week6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Bristol paper, Foam board, Charcoal paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino

Website: none

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist: 

Young artists around the world emerge everyday creating amazing projects. Blaine Scot Prow is an amazing artist who came up with something so simple, yet so unique. Blaine is currently a senior attending California State University: Long Beach working on his Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art. Besides making these art projects, he also enjoys photography and plays guitar.

Formal Analysis:

In his exhibition, Extrusions, he created multiple complex 3D art projects with bristol paper, foam board, and charcoal paper. All his pieces were hand made and everything seems so uniformed, it’s amazing work. His pieces took a few hours to create and even longer to plan. One his favorite pieces, my favorite too, is called the factory. It is 3 by 4 structure with plus shadows and a 3D cube popping out. What really stood out was the lighting it casted and its perfection of its alined objects it constructed.

Content Analysis:

What created this amazing exhibition, was Blaine’s love of geometry. This art has no deep meaning behind it, Blaine just really loved the architectural aspects. He liked to use many geometric shapes he can think of to create this project. His original idea was to make 2D projects, but he wanted a bit more of a picture and decided to make it 3D. He created these projects for himself and he just simply enjoys it.

My Experience: 

I like the idea of how he created the project for himself and only himself. The projects are unique in a way that is so simple and taking a while to make the structures perfectly alined. I like how Blaine’s love for something like geometry was created with something he also loves 3D architectural structures creating this exhibition. The projects weren’t the only thing that caught my eye, the shadows the projects casted created more shapes and just making a grand picture all together.


Wk5-Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: Psycho Cycle
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery
Instagram: @janemargarette

About the Artist:

Many amazing new artist come to the surface at this university: California State University Long Beach with great ideas to show the world. One of these amazing artists created 3-D objects from shredded paper to gigantic cubed box. The name of this artist is Jane Weibel. Jane Weibel is currently an undergraduate aiming for a BFA in the School of Art Ceramic’s Program. Before she attended Cal State Long Beach, she attended a couple of years at San Diego Mesa City College and at first being in the field of Biology. She didn’t feel Biology as her calling until she introduced to art, specifically ceramics. She hopes after graduating from Cal State Long Beach, she will continue her career at University California Los Angeles.

Formal Analysis:

In the exhibition Psycho Cycle, there were many art forms with many variety of colors. Weibel used shredded paper, photography, ceramic rock, and a huge cage made by plastic to be presented in this exhibition which made it very unique. Her photos are usually about women and it’s below a huge piece of rock representing women suffering. Most of these projects took hours even days to plan, but not so much the actual doing besides the cage. The exhibition is represented very colorful with a serious topic.

Content Analysis:

In Weibel’s exhibition, her work is to represent the victims and hardships of being a women in todays society. Her work gives the audience a very intriguing experience to something to look at, but the question of what it all means is another thing. She puts many pictures of women under big rocks, representing that women get walked on, pushed, or not even being seen. She has experienced many incidents where either she felt like she’s been walked all over or seen it most of her life. One experience happened at Home Depot, where (as a women) was looked down upon because of the work environment. She created the cage to represent her feelings of being trapped in all direction unable to leave. Under all her work, there is a meaningful message that represents feminism.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

At first sight, the creation of these projects were just an intriguing thing to look at. There was a gigantic colorful cage, rocks and pictures everywhere, and even a colorful stack of shredded paper. It’s just an amazing exhibition to look at, but what really came down to the amazement was the meaning behind every piece. I specifically loved the cage, it just looked like there was a lot of work and time put into it which created something beautiful. The meaning behind it is just as important as the structure itself. Not only did this exhibition gave me satisfaction of the art pieces, it also opened my eyes of the truth behind the truth.


Week 4-Automatic Drawing




What a great experience to do it with a girl you just met (Olivia Urbina). It creates an amazing connection with fun and games, and it even feels like we were summoning a demon a.k.a Ouija board. We were listening to the Smiths to make it less demonic and we actually had a good time doing it.

We both decided that it’ll be best if we used one color at a time and we just really wanted to go in circles. We used black, green, and yellow patterns twice to complete this masterpiece. She says that this piece depicted an eye or a tornado and I say this represented our experiences and our way of life. Meaning we start from being an infant and slowly learning from experience broadening our knowledge about the outside world. Of course, it gets bigger and bigger and eventually there’s an end to that. That’s a bit morbid, but thats how I see it. Or maybe it’s a path that never ends, you just go in there and the journey just never ends. That’s a little bit more optimistic, I’ll leave it as that.

Week 4-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Exhibition Information:

Artist Name: May Ta

Artist Tag: None

Link to Artist Website: None

Exhibition: “Closer” Sept. 11-15th, 2016

Media: Illustration + Visual Art, Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Maypta


About the Artist:

Many artist come and go in our amazing university, California State University: Long Beach with many artistic projects to show. Artist present their pieces of art on upper campus at the art galleries as their start of their careers. One of the artists, in a duo exhibition with Carly Lake, was presented in Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery on September 11th thru the 15th. The name of this artist is May Ta in an exhibition called Closer.

May Ta is currently an undergraduate student senior in her last semester trying to get her BFA in illustration. May Ta plans to go to grad school and trying to either get into UC Berkeley, USC, or CSULB. One of her hobbies is Symmetrical Graphing and focuses on video and graphic design. May Ta is an international student that came from Vietnam. She focused her entire time at CSULB on art.

Formal Analysis:

May Ta created an amazing art piece I felt the greatest connection to. The piece is called Estranger. It was made by Acrylic and Ink, I can see the bumps and amazing texture on the painting. She used many light colors with blue, orange, and white. It seems like a painting of a great lake or body of water with a horizon and the sun. On the body of water seems like a little human being floating on water all alone. The body of water seems to be greater than the little figure.

Context Analysis:

“Estranger” is a painting that can relate to the audience. They choose a theme where they can relate to how people have a relationship with each other and alone as well. This painting completely represents how people can have a relationship with ourselves. In being with ourselves we can discover ourselves and find what troubles we have. That maybe being alone we can truly discover ourselves instead of faking all the time.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

Through May Ta’s work I discovered that sometimes we have to be isolated from society to truly discover ourselves. Sometimes always being in a relationship you won’t be able to think for yourself or even not being able to love yourself. Most of the time people tend to love someone else before they love themselves and it shouldn’t be the case. “Estranger” truly represents the idea of being alone in a big world. It may even represent of being to isolated from the world you may end up alone. May Ta’s painting caught my attention and I can’t wait to see more.






Wk 3-Artist Conversation-Wansi Ieong

Exhibition Information

Artist: Wansi Ieong

Exhibition: Why Not

Media: Canvas,oil paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website available at this time.

Instagram: Faziieong

Snapchat: Faziieong


About the Artist

The art galleries are located upper campus at California State University, Long Beach. At this location, you can find extraordinary pieces of art from students who are still enrolled at CSULB and graduates. Where I found the most intriguing pieces of art was at the Max L. Gotov Gallery West which were a group of painting put together to show an amazing gallery. At this location I stumbled upon an amazing piece of art called 2068 by Wansi Ieong. Wansi Ieong is an international student that is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in Drawing and Painting. Wansi Ieong is originally from Macao, China. Back at home she’s a dancer more specifically on ballet and Chinese traditional dances. Art seems to be running through her family  because not only is Ieong talented, also her brother. She dreams to continue her career as an artist and continuing to graduate school, but she doesn’t know exactly where she wants to go.

Formal Analysis:

As you get close to the painting itself, you can see the detailed work Miss Wansi put on to make the bodies in the room become in 3rd Dimension. The shading was perfectly set into place, it almost seems like the women in the painting is going to pop out and ask for the audiences help. She used mostly primary colors (Blue, Red, Yellow) and some secondary colors (green, purple). She was aiming for dynamic colors. To make this entire painting, she used only oil paint and paint brushes.

Content Analysis

The name of the painting is called 2068. In this painting, there are two women, one in a mirror and one as an actually human figure that seems a bit older. Wansi Ieong explains that the older women is a painting of herself as well as the women in the mirror. This entire painting represents the idea of regret. She explains how her family pressured her into becoming a big shot doctor or a lawyer, but the idea of not loving what you’re doing will eventually consume you. The idea of dying slowly and living with the words “what if” your entire life, wasn’t the way she wanted to live. She painted a master piece depicting this idea and putting into an image for the eye to see. She claims that if you don’t love what you’re doing, then what’s the point. The older lady represents herself be miserable and the younger version just seems trapped inside. The over all message is do something that you love to do.

Synthesis/ My Experience

This piece of art is very inspirational because sometimes in life people force you to do things you don’t want to do and you live your life feeling miserable, if you’re living your life in that way then seriously whats the point. I would definitely hate to live a life of “what if,” I say just go for it and I’m sure she’s saying the same thing. With the painting itself, it inspired me to try new things and create amazing memories. Don’t live life in regret.



Wk 3-Classmate Convo-Araceli Lozano


Breaking News

           Bambi’s mother was never killed by a gunman. She has finally returned to Bambi after all these years with a story to tell. Everyone knows her as Bambi’s mother, but her actual name is Araceli Lozano. Instead of search for Bambi, she was being a terrible mother and having the best time of her life at CSULB.

This is her story…

           Araceli Lozano is currently a 5th year at CSULB with a HRM Major and a minor in Native American. She plans to leave Bambi once again and get a job at HRM. In doing so, she’ll  figure out what part of human resources she finds most intriguing, in pursuit for her Masters Degree. Some other awesome facts include the love of sleep, eat, and hanging out with friends. Araceli is an out doors type a person who just loves to go on adventures like hiking, kayaking, and is fearless in trying new things. Her best experience of college is meeting new people with a unique personal story to tell and learning new things. Her worst experiences in college are the late nights of studying and being physically and mentally tired. She also hated the doubt of not going the right path of her career and to top it off, the freshman 15.

           In a brighter note, her favorite food is a chocolate dessert. Her favorite show is Friends. Araceli has two small nieces, she’s a puppy/kitten/bunny person, so basically anything really cute and small. Working out isn’t really her thing, but she claims it should be. The art Araceli finds most appealing is Black and White art more specifically photography, sketches, and paintings. She feels like it just draws you in more, letting your mind wonder, and you fill in the art with your own ideas.

           The type of art that has had the most influence in where Araceli is today is music and street art. The music has been an influence in Araceli’s life, it reminds her to stay positive and gives her energy to get through the days. Araceli grew up around many people who were into street art and would tag the walls, but they would make a master piece out of it. It influenced her because people see taggers in a negative light, but they are creating beautiful art pieces.

May the adventures continue…

You can find Araceli’s website at:

Landscape with a Corpse


This will be the death of me I just know it.
IMG_2849.JPGThis activity was pretty fun coming up with many ideas that can really cause my death. I just had so many ideas that it was difficult to decide how I’d like to die, so I asked myself what do I do all day? The answer to that question is ride my long board. I ride my long board from the parking lot to each class, so many ways of my probable death with this thing. I would actually like it to be fast and quick like getting hit my a car or falling off a cliff. This would be a favorable way to die, so I made a self portrait of getting hit by a car and just instantly dying, no suffering of course. I’d assume I’ll be leaving a class and riding down a huge hill aiming towards traffic. Losing control, I get hit by a car and bye bye Adrian.

I really enjoy riding my board and dying in a happy note is the best way. My other idea was dying from eating, but I bet many students did that. The idea of Landscape with a Corpse is a brilliant idea and I can’t wait what my classmates would come up with. I bet most of them will be hilarious. This activity brought imagination and creativity. Loved it. Cheers!

IMG_2848.JPGPhoto Credit: Mother

Classmate Conversation: Hannah Adams


Yet, another amazing week in my art class with many activities to enjoy. An awesome experience I encountered last week was getting to know this smarty pants Hannah Adams. Hannah is in the same major as me, the coolest major ever, Biology. She plans to become a life changer, a motivator, an inspirer a.k.a Biology teacher. Hannah is a 2nd year, but I think she told me she’s the wrong major right now, she wants to be in Biology education I think. Even though school and education is the most important thing in life, she also enjoys some other things.

In her free time, she enjoys to draw or sketch some Dragons, awesome. Besides doing art she enjoys to watch some science fiction shows. Two of her favorites are Sherlock and Supernatural. Supernatural is a must watch. Hannah doesn’t only watch sic-fi, but she also loves to read it.

Some other amazing facts about Hannah is that she loves Pasta with Pesto, I still personally prefer pasta with marinara sauce. Yummy. Her favorite animal is a Bearded Vulture and her favorite spots for adventure is at San Francisco. Better bring a sweater.

The question of the week is if whether or not art is important in todays world. Hannah thinking like a teacher, thought art is definitely important, but more specifically on how it’s being used. Hannah believes that art is an amazing vital tool. That art can be used to educate people and give them an image of the thing that is being taught. I especially agree since I’m a visual learner. Hannah concludes by saying that ART WILL ALWAYS BE IMPORTANT.

It was a pleasure to meet you Hanna Adams. Cheers.



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