Tis the season to give back! With holidays coming up, we are getting ready to have a great time with friends and family. However not everyone is fortunate and blessed to really enjoy these beautiful moments in life. There are hundreds of homeless in need of basic necessities such as food,clothes and a shelter .We the gentleman of The Delta Chi Fraternity would love to help those In need and provide them with a helping hand! We are asking for a small donation of $5 but something as low as $1 would really help. All donations are going to The Midnight Mission. A foundation that helps homeless get back on their feet and rebuild a stable life. Any contribution would be really appreciated not only by our fraternity but also by the people that are going to benefit from this. So please donate and have a Happy Holiday.

If anyone can help out it’ll be great.

Venmo is an apple app that is easy to set up and exchange money between friends.

Deadline to donate will be the 14th of December, you can also donate cash if you see me around, and/or clothing. Thank you and Happy Holidays.