Doing this art activity made me realize I’m not much of an abstract art type of person. I tried doing the “feel” the art type thing, yea didn’t feel it. I had to get some goal in mind to start an art design. My goal this time was for some reason a bird, hawk, eagle, I don’t know, but I did my best to make it all abstracty.

My fingers did get a bit messy, shouldn’t have been doing this activity while munching on snacks. It was fun, kind of reminded me when I was 4, good times. Now my fingers are blue and pink do to the paint and about to take finals like this.

This was an easy activity, I wouldn’t say relaxing, but for sure easy.

I tried to do this activity with no subject, but my fingers wouldn’t let me. Again, I’m definitely not an abstract type of person.

In comparison with the graffiti painting, finger painting was way more messy and I had an idea in mind with graffiti painting which gave me more comfort. They are the same in the way the art is, there isn’t that absolute every line counts type of thing. Its more of a how you feel.

I really like the graffiti more because it’s more clear of what the message is trying to convey, but with finger painting I’m more like what the heck is that person trying to tell us, iff there’s a message behind it. I absolutely prefer graffiti painting over this.