My story begins at the beginning of class in search for a classmate to converse with. I was going to ask a classmate in front of me, but another classmate beat me to it. I searched and search, but no survivors were to be seen until I saw a stranded classmate on the corner of my sight. She was seeking for classmate too, and this is how Yuli and I met. Now let me tell you a little about her story. Yuli is 2nd year as a psychology major at CSULB and is planning to become an art therapist for children. Her favorite show is Dexter and favorite subject is statistics. Yuli is a cat person having not 1, not 2, but 3 cats. The names of these cats are Oreo, James and Salem. I’m guessing one of them is black and white of course, one of them is a secret agent, and obviously the last one is a witch. Yuli loves food, she’ll eat anything that isn’t spicy. What comes after food? Dessert of course. Yuli is a sweet tooth and her favorite is blueberry two crust pie from Polly’s pie.

In her free time she loves to go to theme parks and ride the most thrilling rollercoasters, not only rollercoasters, also thrilling adventures. She once traveled all the way to Australia!  In order to make these awesome trips, Yuli had to come up with the money somehow. Yuli works at Forever21 as a visual and surprisingly so do I, but I work as a sales associate. In regards to the question of the week, Yuli thinks that the students of 2036 will have more and better search tools that’ll enable them to better succeed in school. Technology has improved in the past several years and isn’t slowing down. She thinks that more studies will be constructed to perfect the way teaching will be instructed. In regards to the actually students, she thinks that even today we rely on the internet too much and it’s only going to get worse over the years. So basically without internet, we are screwed. Hopefully the future will improve in every aspect, no going backwards. There’s lots of more things about my classmate, if you’re interested to see more check out her website here:  Yuliana Torres