Let me just start off by saying that I just noticed I used the wrong hashtag with all my photos, awk. I was really wondering why everyone wasn’t doing this activity, especially since it wasn’t too difficult. As I finally went to the right hashtag I saw so many photos and realized I’m a failure :/. For those who also put this hashtag, most likely came to the same realization. With my group of people that used this hashtag, it seemed like we mostly put pictures of school related activities, nature, pets, and food. Honestly, that is mostly what people put on the internet, so our group did a fantastic job at putting this portrait together to represent our daily lives in the 21st century. We love nature and food, and spend most of our time at school. For my part I mainly put school, work, and my fraternity. Mainly where I spend most of the time. I enjoyed this activity because it showed how most of us are connected even if we are different people. Next time I should carefully read the hashtag.