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December 2016

Wk15-Art Activity-Finger Painting


Doing this art activity made me realize I’m not much of an abstract art type of person. I tried doing the “feel” the art type thing, yea didn’t feel it. I had to get some goal in mind to start an art design. My goal this time was for some reason a bird, hawk, eagle, I don’t know, but I did my best to make it all abstracty.

My fingers did get a bit messy, shouldn’t have been doing this activity while munching on snacks. It was fun, kind of reminded me when I was 4, good times. Now my fingers are blue and pink do to the paint and about to take finals like this.

This was an easy activity, I wouldn’t say relaxing, but for sure easy.

I tried to do this activity with no subject, but my fingers wouldn’t let me. Again, I’m definitely not an abstract type of person.

In comparison with the graffiti painting, finger painting was way more messy and I had an idea in mind with graffiti painting which gave me more comfort. They are the same in the way the art is, there isn’t that absolute every line counts type of thing. Its more of a how you feel.

I really like the graffiti more because it’s more clear of what the message is trying to convey, but with finger painting I’m more like what the heck is that person trying to tell us, iff there’s a message behind it. I absolutely prefer graffiti painting over this.


Wk15-Feed the Homeless-Fundraiser


Tis the season to give back! With holidays coming up, we are getting ready to have a great time with friends and family. However not everyone is fortunate and blessed to really enjoy these beautiful moments in life. There are hundreds of homeless in need of basic necessities such as food,clothes and a shelter .We the gentleman of The Delta Chi Fraternity would love to help those In need and provide them with a helping hand! We are asking for a small donation of $5 but something as low as $1 would really help. All donations are going to The Midnight Mission. A foundation that helps homeless get back on their feet and rebuild a stable life. Any contribution would be really appreciated not only by our fraternity but also by the people that are going to benefit from this. So please donate and have a Happy Holiday.

If anyone can help out it’ll be great.

Venmo is an apple app that is easy to set up and exchange money between friends.

Deadline to donate will be the 14th of December, you can also donate cash if you see me around, and/or clothing. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Wk15-Feedback ART110-EC

Let me start off with saying this class is amazinggg. We went through so many types of art activities, making me feel well rounded in ART. It went from Japanese garden sketch drawings all the way to spray painting, not going to lie, quite an adventure. We also met so many new people from class doing classmate conversations, constantly seeing them around campus and saying hello. We didn’t stop there, we also had conversation with artists that are about to graduate or already have from CSULB.

What I liked the most was the guest speaker, Carla Dauden. She showed us many pieces of her work, and even showed us a piece that wasn’t even out yet. Not only that, she was very inspirational. ART 110 should definitely have more Art speakers.

Here is a list of my top 3 favorite Activities:

Plaster Casting- You get to go to the beach, meet new people, and do some crazy art. The art itself is very sculpture like, concrete, and honestly everything about it was fun. Plus you get to have some Tea.

Landscape with a Corpse- It was very fun to think of many ways to die, a bit morbid, but fun. We got amazing pictures in this activity and I wished I did something more amazing like them.

Graffiti writing- I heard many people went to Venice beach, fun, well I didn’t, but I recently had fun making art with these spray paints. Spray painting is definitely a fun one.

Here is a list of my 3 least favorite Activities:

VLOGS- Completely hate talking in front of a camera.

Automatic Drawing- I really just didn’t like how the drawing came out.

Instagram- It wasn’t too crazy like the rest of them, but it was ok.

Hybrid is a great idea, you should keep like that 🙂

Visiting the Galleries was fun, seeing many pieces of art without going to a museum. In regards to the Artist Conversations, they were interesting, but kind of forced upon them to get to know them. Classmate Convos was a great idea for sure. I met so many people that are part of my major, I didn’t even know about.

Weekly Blog posts is an absolute keeper. It keeps everything organized and for everyone to see. I get to see what other people did in their art activities. Professionally, This could be my Resume for future jobs, everyone likes a well rounded person as an employee.

Like I said WordPress is amazing, I just need to make it more professional looking and we are up and running.

The Art talk is better for the student and the professor, the student because they don’t have to sit for an hour, talking about art history. Even though your conversations are great. Better for the Professor because you don’t have to make a new video every semester, easier for you for sure.

Overall, had a great time being in Art 110 and Happy Holidays.


Wk14-Art Activity-Instagram


Let me just start off by saying that I just noticed I used the wrong hashtag with all my photos, awk. I was really wondering why everyone wasn’t doing this activity, especially since it wasn’t too difficult. As I finally went to the right hashtag I saw so many photos and realized I’m a failure :/. For those who also put this hashtag, most likely came to the same realization. With my group of people that used this hashtag, it seemed like we mostly put pictures of school related activities, nature, pets, and food. Honestly, that is mostly what people put on the internet, so our group did a fantastic job at putting this portrait together to represent our daily lives in the 21st century. We love nature and food, and spend most of our time at school. For my part I mainly put school, work, and my fraternity. Mainly where I spend most of the time. I enjoyed this activity because it showed how most of us are connected even if we are different people. Next time I should carefully read the hashtag.

Wk14-Classmate Conversation-Yuliana Torres


My story begins at the beginning of class in search for a classmate to converse with. I was going to ask a classmate in front of me, but another classmate beat me to it. I searched and search, but no survivors were to be seen until I saw a stranded classmate on the corner of my sight. She was seeking for classmate too, and this is how Yuli and I met. Now let me tell you a little about her story. Yuli is 2nd year as a psychology major at CSULB and is planning to become an art therapist for children. Her favorite show is Dexter and favorite subject is statistics. Yuli is a cat person having not 1, not 2, but 3 cats. The names of these cats are Oreo, James and Salem. I’m guessing one of them is black and white of course, one of them is a secret agent, and obviously the last one is a witch. Yuli loves food, she’ll eat anything that isn’t spicy. What comes after food? Dessert of course. Yuli is a sweet tooth and her favorite is blueberry two crust pie from Polly’s pie.

In her free time she loves to go to theme parks and ride the most thrilling rollercoasters, not only rollercoasters, also thrilling adventures. She once traveled all the way to Australia!  In order to make these awesome trips, Yuli had to come up with the money somehow. Yuli works at Forever21 as a visual and surprisingly so do I, but I work as a sales associate. In regards to the question of the week, Yuli thinks that the students of 2036 will have more and better search tools that’ll enable them to better succeed in school. Technology has improved in the past several years and isn’t slowing down. She thinks that more studies will be constructed to perfect the way teaching will be instructed. In regards to the actually students, she thinks that even today we rely on the internet too much and it’s only going to get worse over the years. So basically without internet, we are screwed. Hopefully the future will improve in every aspect, no going backwards. There’s lots of more things about my classmate, if you’re interested to see more check out her website here:  Yuliana Torres

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