Hello, today I met this lovely person named Maritess Inieto. She is a biology major and in her 3rd year, Im completely shocked we haven’t met. Maritess is from the bay area and plans to stay here (Long Beach, CA) because it’s obviously better. In the future she would like to become a dentist and have 3 dogs in her mansion, she really loves dogs. Other things she loves is ben and jerry boom chocolate cookie core ice-cream, horchata with some street tacos, her favorite color is white, and loves TARGET. If you ever want to catch her she’ll be at the library studying all the way until 12am. Maritess also loves to sing, but is a terrible singer, can relate.

In regards to the question of the day, Maritess will take the red pill because life is about learning and she would love to learn what else is out there is to life beyond just what i know (aka wonderland). Curiosity is what advances society, and if she could see what more there is to the world, then she would take the chance at doing so. Maritess can’t imagine taking the blue pill with knowledge that there’s way more to the world than just what she believes.