This weeks extra credit was something I was actually curious about. It actually also made me nod the entire time as well. This game is about aliens coming down to Earth for the first time. It all corresponds to the reaction the humans will give them to first arrival and the gamers being able to be the alien by controlling their actions. As being the Alien I thought a nice hello will be nice, but that led to a women screaming and aliens dying because the aliens were threatened. A second scenario was just the aliens ignoring the humans and then following an escort. The escort brought the aliens to a room, the aliens were dosed and brought to an experimental lab. The third scenario was just ignoring the humans twice, followed the escort, and thought something was sketch, so they just left to their own home. The whole point of this game is that people are just going to see aliens as something that is a threat or something they want to study. I advice that humans should ask the aliens for permission to test the subject and if they don’t want to, move on. As an alien I wouldn’t visit Earth because Trump is president of course and humans will just take advantage of them. Just stay home šŸ™‚