Hello this weeks classmate conversation I’m doing it about Kaya Quarles. In search for a partner, I decided the best way to get one is to yell across the Art Galleries asking if anyone that already had a partner. Kaya to the rescue yelled back that she didn’t have one either. This is how we met and let me tell you little bit about her. Kaya is currently a 3rd year bio major pursuing to become a physician assistant. In her spare time she enjoys to go hiking and travel the world. Kaya already traveled all of Europe and excited to travel the whole world, she’s aiming to go to Africa next. She also loves to eat, but unfortunately she is very picky so the options are limited. She claims that she eats chick fil a mostly everyday as well as having coffee from Starbucks everyday. In high school, she was a softball player and claims she was MVP for her senior year. In times of frustration she enjoys to go to the beach and ride a few waves. She says it’s more relaxing than you think, I hope she takes me surfing one day, I guess we have to wait and see.

In regards to the question of the week, Kaya loves fan art, but in some cases it can also be very offensive. Demi has the right to be mad at the artist especially if she was drawn as a mermaid, which are mainly to be seductive creatures. Kaya believes it only depends on the person being drawn. Kaya says if that was her in Demi’s shoes she’ll appreciate the art work only if it was amazing.