Hello or is it better to say goodbye. As I played Janis’ game I came to realize it’s all done for. Janis’ game is about Trump not being able to make it to his interview in national TV and YOU as the random citizen is supposed to answer questions. When answering questions, it decides whether or not you cost him the presidency or not.

As I played, the first question is pretty simple that seems like a good start, but the second part of that question always leads to bagging on Hillary, a system that America did that he didn’t like, or just a random topic. Toward the end I always lost a group of supporters. It would either be female, or some other supporters.

I think the whole point of it all is that Trump doesn’t seem like he wants to change America, it seems like he’ll do anything or say anything to just win the election.  The way he’s acting, seems like he’ll lose a lot of supporters.

This game also made me realize that you need to be careful what you say because you might lose a lot of your supporters in doing so. Every time I played I lost a lot of supporters and didn’t help Trump win the election.

In the end, it’s not about making America great again it’s mostly making Trump great again.