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November 2016

Wk13-Classmate Conversation-Maritess Inieto


Hello, today I met this lovely person named Maritess Inieto. She is a biology major and in her 3rd year, Im completely shocked we haven’t met. Maritess is from the bay area and plans to stay here (Long Beach, CA) because it’s obviously better. In the future she would like to become a dentist and have 3 dogs in her mansion, she really loves dogs. Other things she loves is ben and jerry boom chocolate cookie core ice-cream, horchata with some street tacos, her favorite color is white, and loves TARGET. If you ever want to catch her she’ll be at the library studying all the way until 12am. Maritess also loves to sing, but is a terrible singer, can relate.

In regards to the question of the day, Maritess will take the red pill because life is about learning and she would love to learn what else is out there is to life beyond just what i know (aka wonderland). Curiosity is what advances society, and if she could see what more there is to the world, then she would take the chance at doing so. Maritess can’t imagine taking the blue pill with knowledge that there’s way more to the world than just what she believes.


Wk12-Asian Identity-EC

asian group cropped.jpg

My first reaction to this game is how the generic saying goes of how every asian looks alike, and decided I didn’t want to play at first. It responded with “awwww….. ok” pretty funny. My curiosity got to me and I decided to play. It just gave us a picture of a random guy and we had to decide what “Asian Identity” he was (Japanese, Korean, or Chinese). I really sucked and got it wrong all the time. Towards the end, finally a female was one of the picture guesses and yet I still got it wrong my first time. What I learned from this game is that Asians don’t really look alike, yet I still had a hard time to distinguish from them. Honestly this game made me feel a bit uncomfortable, I don’t know why. Here is a picture of the only female of this game:


WK12-Alien Visit-EC


This weeks extra credit was something I was actually curious about. It actually also made me nod the entire time as well. This game is about aliens coming down to Earth for the first time. It all corresponds to the reaction the humans will give them to first arrival and the gamers being able to be the alien by controlling their actions. As being the Alien I thought a nice hello will be nice, but that led to a women screaming and aliens dying because the aliens were threatened. A second scenario was just the aliens ignoring the humans and then following an escort. The escort brought the aliens to a room, the aliens were dosed and brought to an experimental lab. The third scenario was just ignoring the humans twice, followed the escort, and thought something was sketch, so they just left to their own home. The whole point of this game is that people are just going to see aliens as something that is a threat or something they want to study. I advice that humans should ask the aliens for permission to test the subject and if they don’t want to, move on. As an alien I wouldn’t visit Earth because Trump is president of course and humans will just take advantage of them. Just stay home 🙂



Wk11-Make Trump Great Again-EC


Hello or is it better to say goodbye. As I played Janis’ game I came to realize it’s all done for. Janis’ game is about Trump not being able to make it to his interview in national TV and YOU as the random citizen is supposed to answer questions. When answering questions, it decides whether or not you cost him the presidency or not.

As I played, the first question is pretty simple that seems like a good start, but the second part of that question always leads to bagging on Hillary, a system that America did that he didn’t like, or just a random topic. Toward the end I always lost a group of supporters. It would either be female, or some other supporters.

I think the whole point of it all is that Trump doesn’t seem like he wants to change America, it seems like he’ll do anything or say anything to just win the election.  The way he’s acting, seems like he’ll lose a lot of supporters.

This game also made me realize that you need to be careful what you say because you might lose a lot of your supporters in doing so. Every time I played I lost a lot of supporters and didn’t help Trump win the election.

In the end, it’s not about making America great again it’s mostly making Trump great again.

Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Kaya Quarles


Hello this weeks classmate conversation I’m doing it about Kaya Quarles. In search for a partner, I decided the best way to get one is to yell across the Art Galleries asking if anyone that already had a partner. Kaya to the rescue yelled back that she didn’t have one either. This is how we met and let me tell you little bit about her. Kaya is currently a 3rd year bio major pursuing to become a physician assistant. In her spare time she enjoys to go hiking and travel the world. Kaya already traveled all of Europe and excited to travel the whole world, she’s aiming to go to Africa next. She also loves to eat, but unfortunately she is very picky so the options are limited. She claims that she eats chick fil a mostly everyday as well as having coffee from Starbucks everyday. In high school, she was a softball player and claims she was MVP for her senior year. In times of frustration she enjoys to go to the beach and ride a few waves. She says it’s more relaxing than you think, I hope she takes me surfing one day, I guess we have to wait and see.

In regards to the question of the week, Kaya loves fan art, but in some cases it can also be very offensive. Demi has the right to be mad at the artist especially if she was drawn as a mermaid, which are mainly to be seductive creatures. Kaya believes it only depends on the person being drawn. Kaya says if that was her in Demi’s shoes she’ll appreciate the art work only if it was amazing.



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