Hello, I did my social Network on my Fraternity Delta Chi that I am pledging for this semester. I wanted to do it on them because I find it interesting how everyone is connected in our fraternity and also it’s something I have to learn. It’s a win-win for me. I found this activity very entertaining and it also helped out a lot with memorizing my new family.

When it comes to the term “Social Network” my first thoughts are my connections with my real life physical friends that I spend most of my days with. I keep in contact with them on Facebook messenger and mostly snapchat. I personally hardly have people I don’t know, such as having 1,000 followers on Facebook or randoms on snapchat. I think it connects with people to your physical friends.

I understand Dunbar’s number, I just don’t understand how he got that number. I also don’t believe its true. In my experience I only believe that people could have a few amount of true friends that’ll always have your back and stay in contact with you. I don’t believe having 150 friends is ideal, I just call them acquaintances.

Having more than 1,000 friends usually means some are actually friends that you met in your lifetime, but most are people that like your feed or vice versa. People that want to keep in contact with you for business or getting a job. Some are just friends of friends that you want to follow to get to know them and possibly creating a relationship with. If you have some sort of art page or photo page it can also mean that people who follow you are just admirers of your work. There are so many possibilities of having such a high amount of “friends”.

When in relation to our class, I didn’t really have anything surprising due to the fact that I know who I do or don’t know. No surprises there. I did my social network on my Fraternity with the Actives, Big Brothers, and Pledges and I didn’t see any surprises there because I knew who is who and how they connected. If i ever did any type of connections with my CSULB I will for sure see many surprises of the people that I know and how they connect. I wish I had enough time to do so, but in life time is limited. Recently I found out my closes friend is also friends with my pledge brother all the way from Elementary school. Basically, it’s a small world after all.

I personally believe 10 max is my Personal Number because usually more than that doesn’t really feel like we can be close enough to call you as a close friend. I wish I can have a close relationship with 1,000 people, but if I did my social life will be my life. Doesn’t seem ideal to me, so 10 close friends is all I need.

For me when it comes to having more friends than my actual friends, it usually means I admire their feed such as pictures, quotes, comments, jokes, celebrities, or recipes. Yes, I do have more “friends” on social network than actual friends. Some of these weak resources actually helped me find someone to date, take to a formal, and especially jobs. It also helped me get some information of events like Festivals or discounts going to places. Nowadays you can get information about anything if you ask. Honestly overall, this year was mainly to broaden my connections with people and so far it’s working out.