I decided to do my very own Art Care Package to my best friend that currently lives in San Francisco. We spent all summer together and I’ll be great to make her happy the way she makes me feel happy.

In my care package we have:

  1. A painting we made together filled with cherries
  2. A seashell from the beach
  3. A fake light up ice cube from Disneyland
  4. Uber Card
  5. A puzzle of Mickey and Minnie

An Art Care Package can be very similar to snap chat in a way because you’re sending a sentimental value of a picture or a piece of art to someone. Now it can be current or even years ago for snapchat and there it shows similar qualities to a care package. In a care package I did spend more time looking for memories or objects that took me back from the good times we spent together and organized it to make it seem more pleasant for the eye. Everyone loves presents so getting this will seem like a present vs. a snap will be less surprised.

Ephemera is something I find very pleasent because in my opinion I believe you cherish something more with a short limited time. It drives a deeper connection and different emotions that some other types of arts can’t convey.

In regards to my care package, I placed an art piece we made together at the park. It is filled with cherries, that is poorly drawn I may add, and some glitter. It was late at night and we were just killing time. The seashell represents our time at the beach, this is how we started our summer together and it was pretty foggy the first time we went, yet we made it work. The fake ice cube is from Disneyland and made reservations for the fancy restaurant inside the Caribbean ride, it was quite expensive, but worth it. The Uber card represents our adventures together using uber. Finally, the puzzle piece is what we worked on together throughout our summer. Spent countless of hours trying to complete it in Starbucks. It was quite stressful and relaxing in the same time.

Now my bestie lives in San Francisco and I just wanted to give this to her because I want to show her my appreciation of her. She made my summer amazing and I hope to see her soon.