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October 2016

Wk10-Artist Conversation-Tony Nguyen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Media: Mixed media

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino


Instagram: None

About the Artist

Tony Nguyen is an easily approachable artist with amazing talent.




Hello, I did my social Network on my Fraternity Delta Chi that I am pledging for this semester. I wanted to do it on them because I find it interesting how everyone is connected in our fraternity and also it’s something I have to learn. It’s a win-win for me. I found this activity very entertaining and it also helped out a lot with memorizing my new family.

When it comes to the term “Social Network” my first thoughts are my connections with my real life physical friends that I spend most of my days with. I keep in contact with them on Facebook messenger and mostly snapchat. I personally hardly have people I don’t know, such as having 1,000 followers on Facebook or randoms on snapchat. I think it connects with people to your physical friends.

I understand Dunbar’s number, I just don’t understand how he got that number. I also don’t believe its true. In my experience I only believe that people could have a few amount of true friends that’ll always have your back and stay in contact with you. I don’t believe having 150 friends is ideal, I just call them acquaintances.

Having more than 1,000 friends usually means some are actually friends that you met in your lifetime, but most are people that like your feed or vice versa. People that want to keep in contact with you for business or getting a job. Some are just friends of friends that you want to follow to get to know them and possibly creating a relationship with. If you have some sort of art page or photo page it can also mean that people who follow you are just admirers of your work. There are so many possibilities of having such a high amount of “friends”.

When in relation to our class, I didn’t really have anything surprising due to the fact that I know who I do or don’t know. No surprises there. I did my social network on my Fraternity with the Actives, Big Brothers, and Pledges and I didn’t see any surprises there because I knew who is who and how they connected. If i ever did any type of connections with my CSULB I will for sure see many surprises of the people that I know and how they connect. I wish I had enough time to do so, but in life time is limited. Recently I found out my closes friend is also friends with my pledge brother all the way from Elementary school. Basically, it’s a small world after all.

I personally believe 10 max is my Personal Number because usually more than that doesn’t really feel like we can be close enough to call you as a close friend. I wish I can have a close relationship with 1,000 people, but if I did my social life will be my life. Doesn’t seem ideal to me, so 10 close friends is all I need.

For me when it comes to having more friends than my actual friends, it usually means I admire their feed such as pictures, quotes, comments, jokes, celebrities, or recipes. Yes, I do have more “friends” on social network than actual friends. Some of these weak resources actually helped me find someone to date, take to a formal, and especially jobs. It also helped me get some information of events like Festivals or discounts going to places. Nowadays you can get information about anything if you ask. Honestly overall, this year was mainly to broaden my connections with people and so far it’s working out.


Wk9-Art Experience-Art Care Package

I decided to do my very own Art Care Package to my best friend that currently lives in San Francisco. We spent all summer together and I’ll be great to make her happy the way she makes me feel happy.

In my care package we have:

  1. A painting we made together filled with cherries
  2. A seashell from the beach
  3. A fake light up ice cube from Disneyland
  4. Uber Card
  5. A puzzle of Mickey and Minnie

An Art Care Package can be very similar to snap chat in a way because you’re sending a sentimental value of a picture or a piece of art to someone. Now it can be current or even years ago for snapchat and there it shows similar qualities to a care package. In a care package I did spend more time looking for memories or objects that took me back from the good times we spent together and organized it to make it seem more pleasant for the eye. Everyone loves presents so getting this will seem like a present vs. a snap will be less surprised.

Ephemera is something I find very pleasent because in my opinion I believe you cherish something more with a short limited time. It drives a deeper connection and different emotions that some other types of arts can’t convey.

In regards to my care package, I placed an art piece we made together at the park. It is filled with cherries, that is poorly drawn I may add, and some glitter. It was late at night and we were just killing time. The seashell represents our time at the beach, this is how we started our summer together and it was pretty foggy the first time we went, yet we made it work. The fake ice cube is from Disneyland and made reservations for the fancy restaurant inside the Caribbean ride, it was quite expensive, but worth it. The Uber card represents our adventures together using uber. Finally, the puzzle piece is what we worked on together throughout our summer. Spent countless of hours trying to complete it in Starbucks. It was quite stressful and relaxing in the same time.

Now my bestie lives in San Francisco and I just wanted to give this to her because I want to show her my appreciation of her. She made my summer amazing and I hope to see her soon.



Wk8-Sketching at the Japanese Garden

I have to say the most type of art I’ve done in my life is sketching. I personally love sketching nature and more specifically the beach. The beach is my safe heaven for sure and even sketching there is the best part. The Japanese Garden sketches reminded me of the sketches I did at the beach. Sketching at the Garden just gave it a peaceful vibe that just makes you feel calm in every way. The ducks and the pond with some waterfalls just makes me want to sleep there forever. The sketches I did focused on the waterfall, pond and trees.The trees definitely caught my attention and did my 5 min drawing on it. I did a couple of drawings and I think I’ll continue to do sketches on my spare time. I enjoyed this activity with this environment and eventually ill take a girl there to this beautiful place that our very own created and worked really hard on to preserve it. Cheers!

Wk8-Classmate Convo-Andrew Nguyen


In a land far far away, creates an environment where peace and quietness come together as one to form something beautiful. Creating our very own Japanese Garden, a place where people can have a nice and decent conversation. On week 8, we had a classmate conversation and I had mine with Andrew Nguyen. Andrew was walking by like a lone wolf calling out if someone needed a classmate. Luckily enough I was available. Andrew is currently a fourth year as a health science major. He is pursuing a masters in  physician assistant studies after undergrad. Andrew enjoys to travel many places to try new types of food. He’s a “big foodie” as he’s saying it proudly. Other than eating and trying new foods, he enjoys a good hike. Regardless of how difficult the trail may be, it won’t discourage him to back down from such tasks. In order to achieve many goals, you need to push through.


A piece of art of any medium Andrew would love to share is photography. He likes to occasionally take pictures of his activities and his food that he loves so much. He manages to capture major events in his life with photography and claims he’ll continue to do so. Andrew says he’ll definitely be supportive if his children want to pursue art. As long as whatever his children make them happy, he’s happy. Doing what you love is the point of living. When we compared our apps we discovered we had Snapchat, Instagram, Maps, and Email in common. I enjoy doing classmate conversations, especially if they are in the same Field as me. To top it off the environment was pretty amazing.


Week6-Art Activity-Flip Book

When I was child, I was really into making flip books. I was mostly influenced by the books called Captain Underpants. Toward the end, it had a little cartoon showing the Captain’s fighting moves. I always made a flip book about violence, maybe it had to do with the games I was playing. Either guns with massive amounts of blood or getting hit by a car etc. Moving away fro the violence, I decided to create a flip book about Archery. It was simple, it’s an arrow being pulled back and into a target. I enjoy making flip books and I have to say flip books is one of those arts that I did the most. It’s the beginnings of animation, what’s not to like.



Week6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Bristol paper, Foam board, Charcoal paper

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino

Website: none

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist: 

Young artists around the world emerge everyday creating amazing projects. Blaine Scot Prow is an amazing artist who came up with something so simple, yet so unique. Blaine is currently a senior attending California State University: Long Beach working on his Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art. Besides making these art projects, he also enjoys photography and plays guitar.

Formal Analysis:

In his exhibition, Extrusions, he created multiple complex 3D art projects with bristol paper, foam board, and charcoal paper. All his pieces were hand made and everything seems so uniformed, it’s amazing work. His pieces took a few hours to create and even longer to plan. One his favorite pieces, my favorite too, is called the factory. It is 3 by 4 structure with plus shadows and a 3D cube popping out. What really stood out was the lighting it casted and its perfection of its alined objects it constructed.

Content Analysis:

What created this amazing exhibition, was Blaine’s love of geometry. This art has no deep meaning behind it, Blaine just really loved the architectural aspects. He liked to use many geometric shapes he can think of to create this project. His original idea was to make 2D projects, but he wanted a bit more of a picture and decided to make it 3D. He created these projects for himself and he just simply enjoys it.

My Experience: 

I like the idea of how he created the project for himself and only himself. The projects are unique in a way that is so simple and taking a while to make the structures perfectly alined. I like how Blaine’s love for something like geometry was created with something he also loves 3D architectural structures creating this exhibition. The projects weren’t the only thing that caught my eye, the shadows the projects casted created more shapes and just making a grand picture all together.


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